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In-shop and on-site blasting and coating  •  Industrial and commercial coatings

C&L Contracting, Inc.

On-site industrial abrasive blasting, pretreatment, and painting of structural steel, bridges, overpasses, and mill work.

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Quality Sandblasting & Coatings

High-capacity, in-house sandblasting and painting, performed on time and to our customers’ specifications.

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C&L Contracting and Quality Sandblasting and Coatings are two high-quality sandblasting and industrial painting companies. We are committed to producing the best outcome for your project.

Our Site: 3 Large Paint Buildings

Bring us your project for full-service sandblasting, painting, powder coating, or glass bead sandblasting. We can accommodate several semi-loads of steel a week, while maintaining fast turn-around times and competitive prices. With over 20 years of experience.

Your Site: Anywhere in Wisconsin

Maintain the integrity of your structural steel, bridges, and overpasses with fast, competent sandblasting and coating. We take our expert, mobile media blasting services anywhere in Wisconsin – even Lambeau Field, the legendary home of the Green Bay Packers.

Why Work With Us?


With 20 years of experience, we strive to make the next project better, more cost-effective, and faster.

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Like our name implies, we are committed to high quality work on every project we complete.

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We offer complimentary site visits to view your project, free estimates, and competitive prices.

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Customer Service

We value customer relations. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff finds the solutions you need.

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Powder Coating

Clients are cutting costs and extending the life of their products by switching from liquid finishing to powder coating. Powder coating creates a durable, high-quality, hardened finish that’s difficult to chip or scratch. Compared to liquid finishes, powder coating is more environmentally friendly and complies with ever-increasing environmental regulations.

Quality Sandblasting and Coatings now operates one of the largest powder coating booths in Northern Wisconsin. In 2023, Quality Sandblasting and Coatings installed a 12x10x30 ft powder spray booth and 10x10x30 ft oven to efficiently serve clients’ varied needs.

Powder coating protects surfaces in a wide variety of environments from chemical and physical degradation. Trust our powder coating specialists to get a long-lasting finish on your next industrial product.

Wisconsin’s Source for Protective Coatings

Over the past 20 years, the experts at C&L Contracting and Quality Sandblasting have sandblasted and coated thousands of projects:

  • On the Road – Department of Transportation bridges and overpasses
  • In Northeast Wisconsin – At our high-capacity facilities in Gillett, Wisconsin
  • Everywhere in Wisconsin – At our customers’ paper mills, stadiums, and industrial facilities

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